AEC Assistant Emergency Coordinator

APRS Automatic Position Reporting System

ARC American Red Cross

ARES Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARRL organization)

ARRL American Radio Relay League

CAP Civil Air Patrol

DEC District Emergency Coordinator (ARRL appointed)

DHS Department of Homeland Security

DOC Disaster Operations Center (Red Cross Term)

DP Disaster Preparedness (now referred to as Emergency Management)

DWI Disaster Welfare Inquiry

EC Emergency Coordinator (ARRL appointed)

EM Emergency Management

EmCom Emergency Communications

EOC Emergency Operations Center

EP&R Emergency Preparedness and Response (FEMA/DHS term)

ERT Emergency Response Team

ESF Emergency Support Function (FEMA term)

FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency

FIPS Federal Information Processing Standards (county codes)

ICS Incident Command System

MARS Military Affiliate Radio Service

MOA Memorandum of Agreement

MOU Memorandum of Understanding

NCS Net Control Station

NTS National Traffic System

OES Official Emergency Station (ARRL appointed)

RACES Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service

SAR Search And Rescue

SEC Section Emergency Coordinator (ARRL appointed)

SET Simulated Emergency Test

SEOC State Emergency Operations Center

SM Section Manager (ARRL appointed)

VOAD Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster


It would be a good idea to print this out and have it in your ready kit.


John M. Hoyt / W5UGD Pickens County ARES EC




Last Revision: June, 13 2003